Welcome to a sacred place where spirituality meets practicality. We are a group of dedicated community priestesses who are committed to actualizing our true destiny and highest calling as global community servants.

All people are powerful spiritual beings, creating and manifesting their human experiences every day. We know that when you are "living in power," there is no greater mystery to uncover or secret to reveal than the nature and power of your own existence. We also know that the divine gifts you have been given by the Creator to learn and master while you are here on this plane are never just for you; these gifts are to be shared with others.

As a collective, we share a mission to "stay in power" in our own lives and a passion to help others do the same. This path will undoubtedly lead you to more mastery with your unique gifts and fulfillment in your personal life. We invite you to take this journey with us into a spiritual introspective process. Activate the power of your true self!

We are Ile Yemoja Achaba Obara Meji! Meet the Iyas ...

E'kaabo! Welcome!

My name is Iya Omisayade-Osunremimo, the lead priest of the Ile, but everyone just calls me Iya Keturah. I was initiated to Yemoja in the United States in 1999 and then to Osun Logun in Lagos, Nigeria in 2010. During my initiation, I was honored with a chieftaincy title from the Association of Olosun of Lagos State, Nigeria, and became a member of the Ogboni Aborigine Fraternity to honor my community lineage there, Iledi Montunrayo.

It has been both my greatest honor and challenge to be born and identified in this incarnation as an "Apetibi to Ifa" (reincarnated wife of the prophet Orunmila in the Yoruba tradition), and a "daughter of two waters," (Orisas Yemoja and Osun). Throughout my life, I felt I was constantly being reforged in the crucible of life and then tested by our "Divine Mothers'" hands. It took a few decades to own what all that meant for my life, but I emerged from the cauldron with my calling, ready to lead and to serve.

When you answer spirit's call to service you must prepare for big change!

Knowing who you are and what you have to do is only the beginning. You will need "tools" for your mission...

As I gained a stronger understanding of my life path as a child of the diaspora, I felt a strong need to honor and preserve all the traditions of my family's African and Caribbean lineage. So in deepening that commitment, when the divinities of those traditions called, I accepted. I then traveled to Puerto Rico, and initiated as a Grand Mambo in the Sanci-Voldoun tradition and became a Yaya Nkisi in  Palo Kimbiza (Bakongo), a tradition originating from the Congo region of Africa. I had never felt so welcomed as I did in the embrace of those divinities.

"Honor your father and mother so that your days will be long!"

Because of my parents' influence and unique perspective regarding spiritual life, I had the blessing of being exposed to many religions, diasporic traditions, and philosophical ideologies. I was taught to study and learn how they all aligned with each other. This method still informs all the work I do for myself and others today, as I seek to help people actualize their own unique spiritual journey. "The Truth Is ONE"

We must always give thanks for all the people spirit sends to guide and help us on our spiritual journey...

This work is not easy, you need all the help you can get. Spirit will bring you guides and mentors from all walks of life. Lessons will come to you in all forms when you least expect it. Some teachers will only stay for a moment, others for a lifetime. Both my mother and father were members of clergy from different traditions and had strong ties to both the Christian and Islamic communities in our neighborhood. Providing spiritual services to the African community has always been a priority for me, as it was my family's culture and a major influence on my childhood.

African Proverb: "If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go the distance, go together." No one can do this work successfully without Allies! 


Peace and Blessings everyone!

I am Iya Ayominira. I was initiated in the United States to O┼čun Funke in 2020, in the Yoruba tradition. I have also served many years as a minister in the Christian Church. I am a  Tantric Therapist/Healer. I am committed to helping people connect with their ancestors, and understanding themselves through a divinely tailored introspective spiritual process. Creating a sacred and safe space for all to feel comfortable with being vulnerable, without judgement, is my main objective to helping in your journey and healing.

Greetings, Lovelies!

My name is Iya Oyawunmi Osunfunmilola. I was initiated in the United States to Oya in 2020 and to Osun in 2021, in the Yoruba tradition. I have experience with astrology and various other metaphysical practices. I am dedicated to assisting all people with their unique healing journey. I will facilitate a deep learning and acceptance of your most hidden parts. I will help you cultivate a healing and self affirming connection between you and spirit. Your journey will be what you make of it. Let's make it great!

Blessings with Love!

My name is Iya Osunremilekun Ifakemi. I received the call to begin a devotion practice to Osun in 2013, not realizing what magic was being awakened in my life.  In 2014, I received my Egun (Ancestor) Shrine and the awakening was intensified. Finally, in 2016, I was initiated as a priestess or Iya'lorisha to Osun, and my life since then has been filled with miracles!

I am a Reiki Master in the Usui Lineage and a MalengaMa in Neo-Ngolo, an Afro-Diasporic Internal Martial Arts system. I am a certified Breathing Coach, Tantric Healer, and Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Guide. My quest to understand how to integrate the sensual experience of the body with the elevation experience of the Spirit in the body has guided my work.  I specialize in modalities such as Yoga, Dance, Energy Work and Guided Meditation, engaging techniques that tap into the body's awareness and ability to guide us out of pain and toward our inner light.

I am grateful for the sacred and scientific technologies I have received from Spirit and my anointed teachers.  Supporting people on their journey to living a life of freedom and bliss gives me life! I am excited to share the ongoing knowledge, tools and spiritual insight I am blessed to receive as I support you on your journey.