You have just entered a world where your personal power is the vehicle that takes you everywhere you need and want to go! Let your spirit drive you!

We are a community of eclectic priestesses, traditionally initiated in the ancient African spiritual practices of the Yoruba tradition but shaped by the unique culturally diverse and philosophically expansive ideologies that come with being born in the diaspora.

What has spirit been leading you to explore?

Although we are united in our commitment  to educate and uplift people of all races, colors and creeds, our passion to address the needs and suffering of under-served populations is a theme you will find throughout our work. Our individual gifts and spiritual talents have been attuned by spirit to assist people on their unique introspective and spiritual journey. Our method for "living in power" helps to activate the True Self's spiritual power! We believe that spiritual work for anyone from any cultural tradition or religion should foster spiritual self reliance not emotional co-dependence.

What makes you feel powerful?

When we help people to discover and connect with their personal ancestral lineage and activate their spiritual team, miracles happen! Cultivating this relationship with your "spirit team" allows for a very tailored ascension experience for any one who truly commits to "the work." All forms of wealth and abundance become available to you, not the kind you're in competition with others for, but all that is designated for you to have in this life! 

When you are born in the African Diaspora, acceptance is a big deal...

Before returning to our ancient traditions, we often feel lost, looking for external things to identify with to secure who we are. Spirit returns to us the "knowing" of all that was lost to us. All the healing science practices, physical abilities and spiritual gifts and talents that are inherent to one's bloodline can never be lost when connected with spirit.

Do you have a spiritual gift but not sure what to do about it?

The Divinities we work with have given us a method of integrating traditional spiritual work with introspective practices to produce a profoundly effective system to return people to their own power! This process first includes the cultivation of an intimate relationship with one's own ancestors. We then work with them to identify your "spirit team." A new you begins to emerge as you experience your complete nature as a "community of self," not just a singular being.  This is our offering to spirit and our global community.

Talk to us! Bring us your questions. Let us know how we can serve you!

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