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Service Exploration Program

Check out our science and service trips to Nigeria, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands and Assateague Island below! 

Destination Lagos, Nigeria.

This was our first and most profound service exploration trip as an organization and family. We felt It was only right to go to Africa first and get our community enrolled in the experience. We collected boxes of gifts and supplies for the children there. It was a deeply spiritual trip as 2 of our groups went through their "rights of passage" into manhood. 

Destinations Assateague

Island, MD and St. Croix Virgin Islands


This was a really fun camping trip for some of our students from NJ, to come to this wildlife reserve in MD. Assateague is known for it's wild ponies! 

If you are interested in the 2024 program offer for MD Elementary and Middle schools please contact Iya Keturah at:


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